Throw a Delightful Kid’s Flower or Flower Power Birthday Party!

Flower Power Party Ideas

There are 2 ways you can go with a Flower Power Party, one botanical and one groovy:

A botanical style Flower Power Party can be done with just flowers as the main theme or a particular flower as the theme (a “Daisy Party” or a “Coming up Roses” Party).

Then there is the “Groovy 1960’s, hippies and flowers” type party… Flower Power!

Flower Party Decorations

Create flowers out of anything: tissue paper, felt/ pom-poms and pipe cleaners.
Have the Children Wear a Flower in their Hair
Make Daisy Chains (easy peasy… slit the stem of the first daisy and thread the second daisy through the slit and so on and so on… )
Stronger flowers can be cut out of foam core or bristol paper and hung on the walls.
Paper mobiles are fun too (dental floss is strong enough to hold all manner of lighter decorations).
Lollipops can be pushed through the centre of a paper flower shape to make sweet-tasting blossoms.
Real Flowers are lovely (could be as simple as some daisies from the garden).
You also can do some decorating outside: string up some cheap silk flowers into a garland, or re-string some old leis.
Paint some bamboo skewers green (or use green gardening stakes) glue flowers to the top and “plant” them all over the yard.
Decorate the sidewalk or driveway with colourful chalk drawings.
Scatter flower petals up to the front door (only practical if you have a flowering bush that needs a serious trimming).
Groovy Flower Party Decorations

If it’s a 60’s party theme you are going for, don’t forget the great 1960’s music! Burn some Incense, replace the regular lightbulbs with different coloured ones. Get out the guitar and Bongo Drums!
Thrift stores can yield a wealth of interesting (and cheap) 1960’s items: Macrame, string art, and also retro board games for the children to play (such as Twister or Ker-plunk).
Decorate with rainbows and peace signs and psychedelic colours, (paper can be decorated tie-dye  Corby florist style by dipping paper into saucers of food dye water.)
Get out that old Lava Lamp and those vintage bell-bottom jeans, and those colourful pin-on buttons.
Teach the kids some 60’s Slang: Keep on Trucking, What’s your Bag?, Wicked!, Don’t be a Square, Let’s Hang Loose, Let’s Split,That’s Outta Sight!, He’s a Hep Cat!, Righteous!, Cool Threads Dude!, Far Out, Jelly Roll Hair, and the Perennial favourite… GROOVY!
Flower Party Activities

Activities For Simple Flower Parties

Make flowers, or plant real ones in terracotta pots that you’ve decorated with puffy paint, (make sure you’ve planted the seeds/flowers before decorating them as the puffy paint takes a long time to dry).
Take the Children to a Botanical Garden if you have one in your town
Make it an Educational Party- Make a Game out of it! – perhaps like “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” but with Flower-themed Questions
Teach the kids a little Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arranging) buy some flower frogs or “Kenzan” (a small metal disk with spikes on it that keep the flowers in position). Let them take home their creations… keep the costs down by mixing store bought flowers with greenery from your garden. Often with these arrangements “Less is More” so you don’t have to buy that many flowers!
Decorate cheap gardening visors with puffy paints.
Play Flower Bingo
Play a “Bucket Brigade” type of relay where you have to “water the plant” maybe using a Garden Spade to ever so carefully fill a cup with water the cup could have a flower in it… first team to fill the cup to the brim wins!
Have a wheelbarrow race
Try a burlap sack race
Pin the _____ on the flower… (maybe a Ladybug)
Activities For Groovy Flower Parties

Make old-fashioned paper bag vests and wear Platform Shoes, use some Groovy Face Paint.
Make Love beads – old style – by rolling up small long triangles of cut-up colourful magazine pages over a skewer and the brushing with a white glue “glaze”.
Tie-dye headbands or tee-shirts and make “God’s Eyes” out of yarn and twigs.
Teach the kids some great 60’s dances: The Mashed Potato, The Twist, The Bird…
Make pet rocks with google eyes and paint.
If all the party-goers are good friends (and you have photos of them) make a collage together with pictures of these friends and some flower cut outs.
Take all your old mardi gras / thrift shop beads and make a bead curtain! Groovy!
Flower Party Food

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