Cloud Nine Hair Stylers – Available In Wide, Medium And Micro Sizes

If you know anything about the hairdressing industry and hair tools then you may have heard of a brand called Cloud Nine Hair. Cloud Nine Hair are the makers of three different sizes of hair straighteners and in this article we will take a look at what they have to offer. We will also make a suggestion as to which one might best suit your hair type.

Like I said in the introduction, Cloud 9 stylers are available in three sizes – wide, medium and micro styler. Each styler has a specific forte and is better for particular hair types or jobs.

The wide styler has been made for people who have really thick, coarse and long hair. The Cloud Nine wide plated hair styler is perfect for getting thick hair super straight and taming those hard to manage locks. Whilst it is great for getting sleek hair, you might find it more difficult to create curls or waves using the wide Cloud 9 hair straighteners.

Next up we have the medium seized Cloud 9 hair straighteners. These are the most popular and we could say they are also the most versatile. They are great for people with long, medium and short hair types. Additionally, users of the medium Cloud Nine hair stylers will also find so easy to create waves, curls and add volume to their hair. People who have thick hair will also be able to benefit from these, however, if you only ever want to straighten your hair, you might be better off with the wide plated stylers.

The last styler in the Cloud Nine collection is the micro hair styler. When we say micro, we really mean micro. You will probably find it very difficult to straighten all of your hair with these, especially if your hair is long to medium length. This hair styler is better classed as an on the move styler or travel styler. These Micro Cloud Nine hair stylers have very small plates (6 inch plates) and are the perfect styler to take with your to work or on a short trip. If you need to go over your fringe or straighten certain section of your hair, these are ideal and will not take up too much room in your bag. The Cloud 9 Micro styler is also perfect for ladies or men who have short funky styles. The narrow plates make it so simple and easy to get the hair to slip in between the two plates and style certain sections to achieve a cool look.

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