Four Cornerstones Of A Great Presentation

You may have the best idea, the best product or best proposal. However, if you cannot present it in a professional manner it may never be recognized as valuable. There are four simple steps for giving a successful presentation, called the four cornerstones methods:

1. Understand your audience

2. Understand your purpose

3. Understand the material

4. Understand yourself

Mastering these four areas will give you the skills needed to prepare and deliver a more effective presentation.

1. Understand your audience

Understanding your audience allows you to determine what and how you need to present. You are also able to address their interests in a tailored fashion. Take the first step by creating an audience profile that includes roles and responsibilities, age, knowledge Base, learning styles, culture, number of participants, purpose of attending or expectations. This will facilitate the preparation of appropriate content/material, incorporating all necessary learning styles, etc.

Gathering information about your audience does not have to be complicated. There are various ways you can gather the audience information:

• Arrive early to talk to members of the audience beforehand

• Distribute a survey before the presentation

• Talk with the organizer

• Review evaluations from past presentations

• Attend a presentation before yours to get a sense of what the group is like


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