Mele Jewelry Boxes – A Guide to Purchasing

If you’re in the market for a Mele Jewelry Box chances are it’s for one of two reasons. One, you’ve already done your homework and you know that Mele jewelry boxes are some of the finest out there, or two, you’ve heard the name and thought you’d take a look. At this point the reason you’re here is not as important as what you learn while you’re here. (But just in case you’re here for reason number two rest assured you’ve happened upon a brand name you can trust!)

Please, please, please don’t rush off looking to buy something right away. Take the time to read this article and save yourself some time, frustration, and most of all, some money in the long run. This article is designed to help you make the right choice for you.

When you start looking around on line for Mele jewelry boxes you will be overwhelmed with the number of different sizes, styles, and materials. There are leather jewelry boxes, wood jewelry boxes, etc. They all look so good you might end up with what we call “analysis paralysis.” A few things to think about will allow you to make the right choice and purchase what you know will work.

First, consider size. This is perhaps the most important question to answer. How big of a jewelry box do you need? Well, how much jewelry do you own? But wait. You’re not done yet. How much do you think you’ll own three to five years from now? Why answer that question first? Becasue Mele jewelry boxes will last you a lifetime! Why spend the money on a box that works today but is too small three years from now when just a little thought will help you purchase the right one that will still be a valuable asset in the future? One consideration might even be one of Mele’s beautiful jewelry armoires.

Secondly, consider variety. What variety of jewelry do you own or will you own? Necklaces? Bracelets? Rings? Earrings? Barrettes? Watches? You get the point. It’s important to be able to properly store you jewelry. Necklaces need to be hung, not thrown in a jewelry box drawer where they get tangled. Rings need to be put on a ring rack, not knocking around with each other getting scratched and damaged. Mele jewelry boxes come with any or all of the special compartments you need for your variety of jewelry.

Thirdly, consider the material. Do you want wood or fabric? If it’s wood, do you want dark, light, or even white? This might actually be the most difficult decision to make since they’re all so beautiful. But try to consider where the box is going to be stored. (We don’t recommend the bathroom as moisture can aid in tarnishing or oxidizing your jewelry.)

Finally, consider the cost. Why is the cost the last thing to consider? Because if it’s considered any place else you’ll most likely end up with the wrong jewelry box. The box you need might cost a little more than you wanted to spend but remember, Mele jewelry boxes last a lifetime. This is a lifetime investment not something that is purchased this year and replaced next year like an article of clothing. This box will most likely be handed down to your daughter, your grand daughter, even your great grand daughter! A little more spent today could mean a lot less spent in the years ahead.

So there you have it. Four simple steps.


  • Size
  • Variety
  • Material
  • Cost


If considered carefully this will assure your satisfaction and save you time, frustration and even though it might cost a little more today, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Remember, Mele Jewelry Boxes will last you a lifetime! Did I already say that?

RJ Karlson is an online entrepreneur who has helped many people with their online experience. He knows that while there is a lot of quality deals to be found it is also easy to fall for a good price at the expense of poor quality and worse yet, poor customer service.

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