Plastic Retail Bags

A retail bag is considered to be an umbrella term which encompasses and includes many different kinds of plastic bags. Among the plastic retail bags, the different kinds of bags are t-shirt bags, garment bags, tape bags, handle bags, litter bags and many more. There are also the printed plastic retail bags which include custom printed garment bags, custom printed patch handle bags and custom printed litter bags. These custom printed bags have special logos or designs printed on them as per the customer’s preference and demands.

Generally, big companies and organizations order large numbers of custom printed bags for multiple uses across their organizations. They have their company’s name or slogan printed on these bags. The custom printed bags can also be printed in the color or colors and size of the customer’s choice. These retail bags are generally ordered in bulk and as the number of bags per order increases, the price per plastic bag reduces drastically, leading to an overall discount.

The retail bags are also available in large rolls in many departmental stores and supermarkets, so that the customers can buy them off the counter. The large rolls may vary in their thickness depending on how big each bag is. These large rolls which are available off the counter are by and large not printed and are plain of one uniform color. Litter bags and garment bags are examples of plastic bags which are generally available in such a manner as they are frequently used by a large portion of the population. Each roll has a minimum of about one hundred bags, though the number of bags per roll may vary depending on a number of factors such as size, company and the type of bags.

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