What Is a Hashtag? Why Do We Use It?

The internet is endless, to put it in lighter terms. There is information out there that would take us a lifetime to consume, and the information being updated every single minute is of gargantuan proportion. In these conditions, what brand strategy will make sure that your product/service stands out? There are two sure-shot ways to get a head start, to say the least.

• Make it easy to find, and thus to remember

• Make your communication relevant and specific

And this is where hashtags come into play. And boy oh boy are they important in today’s digital marketing world! How to use them to their maximum potential should be a very integral part of every brand’s go-to-market strategy. Any creative agency or branding agency worth its salt now knows that they need to incorporate the digital angle in their overall thinking. And when it comes to developing a digital strategy, the word ‘hashtag’ has come to mean a lot. Let’s take a look at the do’s, the don’ts and the musts of a hashtag in a world governed by social media.

A hashtag is a label, used in context to information on social media sites, which makes it easier to find information when it comes to a specific topic or theme. It narrows down the search and saves the user from excessive information download. This bodes well for all, the user as well as the one whose content is fighting for visual space and recall. It does the one most important thing in today’s digitally cluttered world, and every brand strategy ever wants; gives the consumer exactly what they want.

Here’s why using a hashtag and using it properly is great for a brand:

• Simplifies:

Results only for the section one is looking in are pulled out, which helps the brand reach the target audience with better precision, and also helps consumers find what they want with greater ease.

• Helps one act:

Once in a section of interest, a user is more likely to explore around and look up content brought up through that specific hashtag, which is great for a brand.

• Asks us to get creative:

The more unique and distinctive the hashtag, the more chances of it getting noticed. And the brand that gets creative is rewarded aptly by getting the much need attention.

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