Stubbed Toe, Split Coffee – Are You Clumsy Or Putting Out Negative Energy?

I am a big believer that positive energy puts out positive results and negative energy puts out negative results. Call it Law of Attraction or whatever, it is what it is. And it definitely applies to professional lives, as well as our personal lives. What happened to me last Sunday kind of puts in all into perspective.

I had awakened this last Sunday morning after having a dream which was directly related to an issue that I am having with my mother and siblings. The more I thought about the dream, the more I thought about the issue, the more upset I found myself getting.

I was coming out of the hallway of my home and caught the corner of the surface area of our fireplace just below my ankle. It did draw blood and it did hurt. About an hour later, I was trying to open the back of an appliance, and I ended up cutting my finger. And lastly, I spilled a cup of coffee all over the table while working on my laptop.

I don’t think these incidents were coincidences, nor do I think I am abnormally clumsy (well….there is that possibility). I honestly believe that I was getting back the energy that I was allowing myself to put out.

Once I had my little epiphany, and realizing that there was still a lot of Sunday left, I decided to do a little “attitude adjustment”. I went outside with Jake “the wonder beagle”, and played ball (he kind of rolls it down the driveway….and I go get it). We then sat out on the steps, and I looked around at the changing colors of the tree leaves, the blueness of the sky, and felt the crispness in the air, and mentally made a list of all the things that I was grateful for. Then one of those things that I was grateful for, my husband, came out with a new cup of coffee for me, and I watched him and Jake play.

I really enjoyed the rest of the day (even if the Carolina Panthers lost, yet another, football game).

Another little epiphany that I had was how it related to my professional life as well, and thought back to some of my finer successful days with my business, and those days that were less successful. What really was the defining difference? As to not bore my readers with all the minute details; basically, it all seem to come back to my “attitude” on a particular day, and the type of energy that I was putting out. Now, that isn’t to say that if I go into an appointment with a client singingĀ “Oh What A Beautiful Morning”, and doing an Irish jig, that I will be guaranteed a sale (in fact that tactic might set me back a bit). What I mean is that if you go into an appointment with negative energy and thoughts such as the client will never buy this, he probably won’t even be there, I could never win over people in such a high level position, what was I thinking setting up this appointment in the first place, this is a waste of time, this suit makes me look 10 pounds heavier, and even Carrot Top is having a better hair day; then, chances are, you won’t get that sale. Even worse, your day will likely be going downhill from the minute the alarm clock went off and you allowed your first negative thought to creep in.

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