Create Pay Stubs – Employee’s Need More Than Just a Check

When one owns a small business outfit which he or she is managing with a small number of persons, there is always the temptation for one to write his or her worker’s paycheck straight from the account of the particular business outfit and let it be at that. It is a different ball game today since the workers of this present age would always ask their employer to create pay stubs of any sort. The reason for their requesting this pay stub is to enable them to keep a proper record of the income they make on a weekly basis and to also ensure that their employer is paying them as it should be in terms of services rendered. It also serves to make one aware of how much he is paying out in terms of taxes.

What are the things that should be reflected on a pay stub?

It all depends on the laws governing a particular geographic location but it is pertinent that some vital information should be included in a pay stub. Some of the information required includes the number of hours that the company’s workers put in on a particular period of payment and then these hours are divided between regular and over time hours of work. The pay rate for a particular job type is also required information. Then a space is made out somewhere on it where the employer will put in the total gross amount for each worker for that pay period.

Other useful information to include in the form is the deductions that were made from the worker’s money. These deductions may cover the ones made before and after the taxes, as well as the taxes themselves. Spaces are also created for filling in the income taxes at federal, state and the local levels. Spaces for medical care and social security deductions should also be made on the pay stub.

How would one get a template to help in creating pay stubs?

If one really wishes to create pay stubs for his or her employees, several options and resources abound which the person can use to that effect. The advancement in technology has really made it possible for one to find solution to several problems from searching the internet. There are several sites online that offer varied templates for creating pay stubs, each template is different from the other with the aim of taking care of employer’s needs.


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