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Sanur is quite possibly the most celebrated sea shores in Bali. Situated at the south-east of the island, the white sandy sea shore of Sanur extends around 7 km. The sea shore is a shelter for water sports fans. The waves are well known among surfers from everywhere the globe. Since it is situated at the eastern side of the island, Sanur is otherwise called a dawn sea shore. Numerous individuals go there promptly toward the beginning of the day to see the delightful dawn. The coolest thing about Sanur is that it was regarded as one of the 25 hottest sea shores on the planet by Forbes Magazine.

On the off chance that you stay in Sanur, you will actually want to visit its excellent sea shore whenever you need. Actually, the greater part of the manors in Sanur are arranged near the sea shore. Be that as it may, you don’t have to stress in the event that you avoid the sea shore; all manors give vehicle administrations to take you anyplace you wish.

The manors in Sanur are situated inside 5-10 minutes of strolling distance from the sea shore. Probably the most well known ones are Villa Batujimbar, Villa Casis, Villa Leha, Villa Seriska, Villa Frangipani Sanur, and Villa Jasmine. During low season, the rate goes from USD 400/night to USD 1500/night. Then again, during top season, the rates increment from USD 450/night to USD 2000/night.

Every estate has its own extraordinary highlights. Estate Jasmine and Villa Frangipani Sanur are two of the least expensive manors nearby. Both are inside 5 minutes of strolling distance from the sea shore and each has 3 rooms. In the interim, the 4-room Villa Seriska doesn’t permit the visitors to smoke in the mind boggling and just provides food for a limit of 8 individuals. While remaining in Villa Leha, you will actually want to feel more comfortable. Its proprietor consistently redesigns the offices of the estate for a more agreeable stay.

Estate Casis is regularly viewed as one of Sanur’s milestone properties. It was as of late recorded as one of “the best estates to lease in Bali” by the Condé Nast Traveler. The whole perplexing comprises of 2 estates and 6 rooms, and it caters for a limit of 12 individuals.

Estate Batujimbar highlights a gallery that grandstands the absolute best Balinese works of art and relics. The estate has played a host to numerous popular VIPs, for example, Yoko Ono, Fergie from the Black Eyed-Peas, Mick Jagger and his ex Jerry lobby, and Police frontman Sting. Manor Batujimbar has likewise facilitated numerous remarkable sovereignties, for example, the Crown Prince of Thailand and the King of Malaysia.

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