The Benefits of Writing a Blog Series

Single blog postings are effective and interesting. People benefit a great deal from reading independent, educational articles that stand on their own and offer sound advice and a solution to problems. A series of blogs adds a whole new twist.

It is a good idea to organize a comprehensive outline that will map out your blog series before you start any of the writing. You will find it to be an extremely helpful tool for you. The outline will give you a good sense of how well the various titles of your articles in the series will work together.

As with your single blog articles, your blog article series is effective if you write it with a “how to” approach. People love to read information that will help them to improve their lives in some way, whether professionally or personally.

There are several benefits to posting a series of blog posts that offer information that interconnects and really contributes value to those who are reading them. Another excellent reason for posting a blog series is in the posting itself. It adds a level of convenience if you happen to be out of town and need to post blog articles over a week or two, or longer. It is never a viable option to mess with your regular blog posting schedule and this prevents that from happening.

The attributes of a blog series

If you are going to write and post a series of blog articles, they certainly must have some ideas and or themes that link them together. You can end each blog article (except for the last one) with a cliffhanger (the way they used to end the season finales on such shows as Dallas or Falcon Crest). When you are writing blog articles, whether they are single articles or a series of articles, you are writing for the people who will be reading them. As is the case 100% of the time, you are interacting with your online connections and building relationships. It is a very good idea to have definitive branding on your blog articles and even more so if you are posting a series of articles. When people first see whichever article you have just posted, you want them to immediately connect your branding with your expertise.

How to write an effective blog series

The first thing that you have to come up with is a topic that will carry through several articles. A good way to come up with a list of topics is if you ask yourself how you might be able to help other people. In other words, what would they like to read that would help them to solve their problems? There is an endless list of possibilities when it comes to topics for a blog series. Another good way to come up with topics is by listening to the people with whom you network, both online and in person. Your network connections will supply you with blog topics without even realizing that they are doing so. All you have to do is to listen to them express what they would like to read about.

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