How to Write an Article For Your Online

It is important when writing articles or purchasing them for your blog to be sure that they are search engine friendly. Many blog owners are content to post articles without checking that this is the case. Here are some steps that need to be taken to make these articles search engine friendly.

a) The first thing that is needed before even writing an article is a keyword list of longtail keywords. In case you are not sure what these are, they are more like keyword phrases and if you don’t have any there is a free tool supplied by Google where you can find them to begin building a list. Make sure that you use keywords that are three words or longer, as these will be easier to get indexed by the search engines. Once you have the keywords that you wish to use, you can then concentrate on writing your articles around them.

b) Always ensure that your article title contains your keywords within it, and try to include them as close to the beginning as is possible. You may even want to just use them as your article title provided it is in line with the article you are writing. Just remember that these articles will be read by real people and need to make sense. Try to use the keywords as close to the opening of your first paragraph as possible and bold them to make it easier for the search engines. It will also help to emphasize what your article is about.

c) You can use your keyword in the body of the article as well, but don’t overdo it as this will be considered as keyword stuffing and is not appreciated by the search engines. Stuffing your articles with your keywords will work against you when you are ranked by the search engines.

What you can do though is use variations on your keyword phrase so long as it is in context with the article you are writing and sounds natural. For example if your keyword phrase was internet home based business, you could use online business from home or just home based business, as an idea.

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