When we think of articles, do we think of them as just a way to kill time reading, or do we think that we can actually make money off them.

Sure, the people in media live on what money their articles can make them. The professional bloggers live on what their blogs, which are also essentially articles, live on how their articles help them gather Google AdSense money. Else, if they blog for the big blogging networks, they live on what their networks pay them.

But what about those who just need traffic for their websites? How does an article help them reel in the visitors?

To a web surfer, reading articles is a way of research, learning, or just entertaining him or herself. Usually a web surfer, when he or she reads an article, then he/she spots a link within that article, with a particularly attractive “anchor text,” he or she is then led to click on it. If he or she sees another link then goes another click. And so on.

Thus, as you see, if a website is linked to a particularly interesting article, it is sure to get clicks.

Suggestions to ensure that your articles will turn into traffic for your website:

1) Post your articles in a high-traffic article directory, such as A lot of people read the articles on ezinearticles, because these have been screened for quality and they are authoritative. If you put articles there, it’s almost like ad copy. Just make sure to remember to embed your links in your profile page and resource box.

2) Post your articles on a blog. Your blog could sometimes prove to be your very own billboard. Post articles there, and you’re sure to send traffic to your main website. But be sure that your blog will be of high traffic too, so you will also be able to drive traffic to your website itself. Making sure your blog will be of high-traffic entails social bookmarking and linking it up to high-traffic blogs.

3) You can also bookmark some of your website’s articles on social bookmarking facilities so that other people can see your articles, read them, and follow the link trail to where it actually comes from, and where more of it can be read and had. So make a habit of bookmarking your website’s articles!

4) Social bookmarking has been the SEO tool of choice for the past 2007. Take it a notch higher and use micro-blogging to your own ends. Twitter, Jaiku, and other micro-blogging-slash-instant-messaging web applications can broadcast links and let more people see them. Post links to your website articles, and even blog articles on these applications. So many people have gotten traffic to blogs, and even websites, this way. You can also micro-blog snippets of your articles up on Tumblr. These will give potential readers and customers a sneak peek of your articles. If they are interesting enough, they will flock to your site. You will also be able to give your website another “vote of favor” on Google through micro-blogging your article snippets on Tumblr. Remember that with Google, the more links to your website or blog, the higher it is on Google PageRank, and consequently up on the search results.

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