What Are Embassy Services And How Can One Use Them?

An embassy is very similar to a consulate with a small amount of difference between the two services. Both these structures are representative departments of a foreign country or government that is located within another country. In this article we give you information about the embassy and the related embassy services that individuals can avail when travelling in a foreign country.

Role of the Embassy

The embassy plays an important role that represents the home country abroad. This institute handles diplomatic issues that include the preservation and protection of the right of the citizens when abroad. The ambassador is an individual who has the highest authority and acts as a chief diplomat and spokesperson for the home government. These ambassadors normally reside in the embassy. Normally, a singular embassy is located in countries abroad as compared to consulates, which are many in a single country. The embassy can have a separate wing that can perform the functions of a consular service and even provide the Outsourcing of consular services to certain private institutes; however a consulate cannot perform the services or function as an embassy.

Embassy services that are provided and not provided

This institute has a set of public and private services.

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