Christmas For a Cook – 4 Gifts Any Chef Would Love

Looking for a great gift for the cook in your life? Sometimes it seems that the culinary experts in your life have everything they need for the kitchen, and if they don’t’ have it, you can’t afford it. When it comes to cooking, often times it comes down to quality and not quantity, making high end spices and other cooking essentials a great gift even in a small package. Consider giving the gift of flavor with any one or a combination of this great chef worthy gifts

Sea Salt and Peppercorn: Salt and pepper of two of the most widely used spices in the world and there is no doubt that the chef in your life would love a gift of quality sea salt and peppercorn. While the run of the mill salt and pepper you find in homes and restaurants alike is fine for some, a good cook knows the importance of superior spices. Sea salts and peppercorn can be added while cooking to intensify the flavor of a dish, or it can be used as a rub for meats, poultry, or fish.
Top Pick
Jurassic Sea Salt: This salt is probably one of the oldest salts in the world dating back to the Jurassic period which is about 150 million years ago. Found hidden deep underground in Utah, this pink sea salt is zesty and rich offering a world of palatable satisfaction. Because of its origins it is packed full with trace minerals and other elements that are good for your health. Jurassic Sea Salt is a unique addition to any kitchen and can be used while cooking or to give a final touch to a dish.
Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Black Pepper: This pepper, which hails from Indian, has been called the best in the world. Grown in the valley of Wynad, this pepper has a intense flavor that only can be found in high quality peppercorns. It is handpicked, graded, and cleaned then shipped to the U.S., vacuum packed to ensure freshness. Any cook would be more than happy to add this to their spice rack.
Almond Flour: Almond flour is a great gift for any cook, especially those who enjoy baking or love to get creative with soups. When used in bake goods it can partially or fully replace regular flour to give muffins fruit breads a richer flavor. It can also be added to thicken soups adding a nutty flavor that many cooks struggle to achieve.
Top Pick
Vann’s Ltd. Almond Flour: Made from ground blanched almonds, this almond flour is a great addition to any cooks arsenal. It is low-carb and gluten free making it an excellent flour alternative for those cooking to meet specific dietary needs.
Olive Oil: No cook’s kitchen is complete until they have quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. While there hundreds if not thousands of olive oils available for purchase in the United States, there are few that are of impeccable quality. Much like perfume, olive oil can be costly therefore superior olive oil is much better when given as a gift. Quality olive oil will add a variety of flavors to your food that will leave your taste buds asking for more.
Top Pick
Campo Corto Extra virgin Olive Oil: This organically produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is harvested in Tuscany from Frantoio olives. It has a intense grassy aroma as well as a hint of artichoke, finishing with a peppery taste that will make you please any palate. It goes great with roasted meats and pork, and can also be used to accompany sausage, prosciutto or even brushetta. Those who have had the opportunity to use and cook with this olive oil describe it as being “flavorful and intense,” and always refer to it as one of the best. It’s sure to be a gift that does not disappoint.
Balsamic Vinegar: Balsamic VinegarĀ  Magnum xt is a multi-purpose must have for anyone who is at home in the kitchen. It can be drizzled on Parmigiano Reggiano, brushed on meats to add a sweet and tangy glaze, or poured over fresh fruit or salads for added flavor. Much like olive oil, quality balsamic vinegar can be pricey and therefore its an excellent way to give something the cook in your life wouldn’t buy themselves.
Top Pick
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena – 4 Leaf: Terrific quality for a low price makes Modena’s 4 Leaf balsamic Vinegar is a terrific gift. This particular vinegar is one preferred by many because of its historic recipe that dates back to the Roman Empire. It is produced by Acetum, which is a trusted producer of Balsamic Vinegar and the origin of the “4 Leaf Quality Certification.” This quality balsamic vinegar will please even the pickiest chefs.

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