On-site work is of course

Knowing exactly what is required to get a website ranking and what problems could potentially occur is a great way to ensure that as a customer, your expectations remain realistic and you aren’t always worried about just what is going on.

On-site work is of course the most important because without a website that is able to tick all the right boxes, SEO will become a virtually impossible task. There are many areas of your website that will be looked at but they can include the following…

· URLS- Having friendly URLs is important.

· Meta Data- Having uniquely optimised titles, descriptions and content keywords will ensure that the message of your page can easily be understood by the search engines.

· Navigation- For users and search bots it is important that your website provides a clear path from one page to the next. From a clear navigation bar to website layout and internal linking, good navigation will emphasise the importance of different pages to the search engine.

· Content- Today’s search engines are incredibly smart which means your website needs to be able to prove that it is providing some sort of value to customers, a task that can be achieved with useful and informative content.

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