Visit the Beautiful British Virgin Islands

One place that is definitely worthy of being your next beach vacation is the British Virgin Islands. This sunny oasis is a staple of the West Indies as it sits beautifully in the Caribbean Sea. The area of Tortola is the capital of this paradise which receives the most visitors each year. It serves as a great focal point of the British Virgin Islands that is close to the Virgin Islands as well as St. Thomas. Many vacationers seek this location specifically for the amazing sailing they can obtain and it is also well known for being on the highest rated destinations to charter a yacht. Each year it serves as a relaxing spot for honeymooners, families and business trips, with over three million tourists. It has such a profound effect on those on a holiday with all that it has to offer, that they have several repeat visitors each year.

With its secluded location, the British Virgin Islands can be a very romantic and private place to spend your next vacation at. You are not limited to one area, as you can explore all of the islands if you desire to and they all have something different to offer. Some a re larger than others, and some are very quiet and quaint. Palm trees are not spared anywhere in the British Virgin Islands, and the ocean could not be any more clear and pristine. It bodes signature white sand beaches that stretch for miles and one could spend all day just observing the marine life.

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