The History of Silverstone F1 British Grand Prix

F1 British Grand Prix was started at Silverstone city in Northampstonshire in early 1950. The city was chosen because its runways and taxiways were damaged during the Second World War and this was the ideal track to challenge themselves with. Modifications were later made on the tracks as the grand prix gained momentum and popularity among the drivers.

Today, major upgrading has been done on the tracks. The game has become a major activity not only in Silverstone or in Britain, but also in the rest of the world.

Britain wasn’t the initial inventor of F1 British Grand Prix. The US and France were the original Formula One racers with France staring its in late 1800s. However, Britain has managed to overtake the F1 titles and it is home to all major racing events. During the first competition in 1950, an Italian-Giuseppe Farina was crowned the winner. The great names that rule this event are Jordan, Williams, Jaguar, McLaren, Cooper, Benetton, Tyrell, Lotus, Arrows, Stewart and Brabham among others.

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