British Teeth Vs American Teeth

British teeth are often mocked by Americans and it is something that has even been mentioned in The Simpsons. The issue of British teeth vs American teeth has been heavily publicised in the British tabloids in recent times, especially as some of our celebrities have been criticised by American reporters. Ricky Gervais was famously complimented by a US journalist for wearing what he thought were false bad teeth and the journalist was shocked to learn they were real. This sparked a debate in the British media on the state of British teeth and if we deserved to be mocked by the Americans.

In Britain today most people don’t have bad teeth. Although there are a lack of NHS dentists available in some areas, many people have started investing in dental plans to make sure they can get an appointment at the dental surgery. This trend looks set to continue with more dental surgeries signing up with dental plan providers. In Britain the main concern has always been with making sure they are healthy rather than going the American route of bright white teeth. There has been an increase in cosmetic dental surgery and an increase in the use of braces and veneers.

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