British Open Qualifiers

The 2010 competitions as part of the British Open Golf Championship would be conducted in the month of July at St. Andrews. Players will be selected based on several criteria. Players in the top fifty lists of golfers on the world golf rankings would be given priority. The players who were featured in the list of top thirty players in the last PGA Tour season Money List and the European Tour Race Dubai would be given precedence. A large number of these players would also be in the list of top fifty golfers. Previous champions of the Open championship below sixty years of age are also on the list of exemptions.

Top ten players according to the Open Championship performances in the previous years would also be selected. Winners of major championships would also be in the list of exemption categories. The other methods to find a place in the championship are local qualifying and international qualifying. Tiger Woods is one of the players of the 2010 British Golf Open Championship. Lee Westwood and Phil Mickelson would be participating in the competitions. They will be trying hard to find their initial claret jug. Golfers like Pardaig Harrington, Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els and Tiger Woods are the occupants of the list of British Open top players.

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