British Grand Prix and Its Importance to Formula 1

There were a lot of speculations about the future of the British Grand Prix at the end of 2009. Donington Park was initially given a 5 year contract to host the Formula 1 British GP, but due to the current economic climate the organizers failed to raise money for the needed redevelopment of the track. This put the future of the race in doubt and many F1 fans in Britain were worried that the even will be dropped from the F1 calendar. At the end, a deal was agreed between FIA and the British Racing Drivers’ Club, which secured the future of the British Grand Prix for the next 17 years.

How important exactly is British GP to Formula 1?

The home of the race, Silverstone, is not as modern as some of the new Formula 1 venues like Abu Dhabi. It is certainly not as glamorous as Monaco or as iconic as Monza. What it has is great tradition and very passionate fans. Britain has given to F1 some of the greatest drivers and teams of all time.

British F1 fans always create a fantastic atmosphere and turn up in their thousands despite the fact that the English weather is not always on their site. Not having the British Grand Prix on the F1 calendar is like a football World Cup without Brazil. In this day and age, when F1 is seeing so many changes and car manufacturers like Toyota and BMW are quitting the sport, this race brings much needed tradition and stability.

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