Life Without Parole Sentences

Life without parole sentences
A petition presented to the New Zealand parliament called for life without parole sentences for those who kill a serving police officer. The petition had 39,000 signatures. The petition was organised by the mother of a slain police officer.
A life without parole sentence has only been handed down once in New Zealand, for the Christchurch mosque shooter. It is a sentence that tells New Zealand that this is the worst of the worst crimes.
Once you start lowering the threshold for handing out life without parole sentences you leave people in prison who would normally lead law-abiding lives with maturity on their side without a hope for the future. It also reduces the seriousness of the worst criminal acts as the same sentences are handed out for the less serious ones.
The huge cost to the taxpayer of keeping people locked up is a factor that needs to be considered.
If the government does have the funds to keep people locked up for life then the question is, “What else could they do with the money?”

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