POWERbreathe Circuit and Interval Training

The intention of circuit training is to keep you moving, from one station to the next, with minimal breaks, pushing the limit of your cardiovascular system while challenging your strength. Circuit training therefore is a great way of building both strength and endurance, simultaneously.

With the scientifically proven benefits that POWERbreathe brings to your inspiratory muscle strength and endurance, POWERbreathe is an extremely beneficial station to incorporate within your circuit training.

Here is an example of how you might incorporate POWERbreathe into a circuit.


Allow only 1-minute recovery between exercises and repeat 3 circuits. This circuit becomes progressively harder over a 6-week period.


Use weights that are approximately 20-30% lighter than you would usually lift. During the POWERbreathe stations, undertake 10 breaths on your current training load/level and adjust the resistance load/level throughout the 6-week programme as indicated.

POWERbreathe Running Interval:

By including the POWERbreathe into an interval session during recovery periods you can improve your respiratory endurance and also hasten recovery.

Below is a simple example of how you might incorporate POWERbreathe, although you can tailor your POWERbreathe interval training to the demands of your running discipline.

1. Warm up for 10 minutes with an easy light jog.

2. Run at an intense interval pace (a step up from your usual pace) for one minute.

3. Jog for a two-minute recovery interval.

4. Undertake 10 POWERbreathe breaths at your current training load/level.

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