Facts on Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

Shiva is a 10 years old girl who is a frequent user of Advair and sometimes when it is too urgent, Albuterol. She often experiences symptoms like breathlessness/dyspnoea, chest tightness, wheezing. Her condition worsen when she visited highly congested country and thus making her suffering from insomnia due to the frequent attacks of the mentioned symptoms.

Any of the depicted scenario fits your condition?

If any of it fits the picture, then it is either you are one of the victims or might be one of them. Asthma, also know as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), is actually disease associate with obstruction of the respiratory tract due to constriction of the airway. This is especially very common to young children due to their under developed body system. Something to know further is that it can be categorized into 4 major types:

1.Atopic Asthma – due to allergen
2.Non-Atopic Asthma – due to viral infection
3.drug- induced Asthma – due to consumption of aspirin
4.Occupational Asthma – due to career exposure like wools

Each respective types of asthma has their own causes, but luckily enough to know that their manifestations are almost similar. This indeed helpful in asthma diagnosis from other diseases like emphysema, chronic bronchitis which might give a false positive result since they have a similar manifestation. Nevertheless, sometimes, the benefit can turn out to be harmful as well, where asthma attack treatment can differ from one another based on their grouping. Thus, it is essentially require for us to acknowledge the sign and symptoms of asthma and also their types as for appropriate asthma treatment.

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