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Hugo Boss the German fashion house specializing in slick menswear designs revealed its spring summer 2010 collection on Thursday the 25th June. Like many other power fashion houses Hugo Boss at the close of the first quarter of 2009 registered only a slight but inevitable decline in sales. During times of recession fellow leading fashion designers have opted to play it safe and stick to a minimalist and essential design. While it should be noted that Hugo Boss has taken heed of the latter it’s possible to conclude that the current economic downturn is not affecting the in house designer’s creativity and sense of fun. Interestingly women’s hemlines are the ones to watch when recession hits.

With most designers opting to pull hemlines down to the floor it seems that Hugo Boss has decided the opposite is the best way forward for men’s apparel. This new collection brought forward bold sailor inspired designs with tiny shorts, pleated pants and sleeveless vests. Similar to the designs of Jean Paul Gaultier and continuing on from his much commended sailor themed designs, representing Hugo Boss, the suit maker, designer Bruno Pieters, a true fan of David Bowie, continued on with the nautical theme using a red and white palette with an abundance of sailor’s stripes. Pristine and clinical tunic-length shirts in sheer cotton where coupled with short shorts and accompanied by cropped jackets cut short in the back. Heavy metal sequins continued the scale like marine theme and heavily embellished buttons set off tailored jackets. The only thing that couldn’t be confirmed was if the designs included anchor-like cufflinks, something which would have surely set off any of these statement outfits.

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