Top 10 List on Shopping With and For a Purpose

Shopping for many is easy…they head-out to the store…try a few things out…and they either come home with something new or not. Bada-bing bada-boom! Done! For others is not that simple. Many shoppers take their time and look through every single item, try everything and anything, compare one store to the other, one price to the other, one quality to the other, etc… and they either come home (much later) with something or they don’t, but yet their minds are still at those stores shopping! Which ever type of shopper you are, here is my TOP 10 list of shopping “with” and “for” a purpose:


  1. This is the most important one: Leave the Husbands at home!
  2. List your items. Before heading out, make a detailed list of what you want/need. Make sure you go for specifics and not just general. For example, if you are looking for shoes…what type, brand, color, size, etc… This will make sure you are focused in what you want/need to get.
  3. Online first. Take that list and go online to get some prices in the virtual world. Go to price comparison sites and compare. Then, make a fictitious purchase to see if there rare hidden fees. To do so, add the article in your “shopping cart” and complete your purchase right up to giving your credit card information. This will allow you to see the full purchase price!
  4. Sign-up. There are great shopping portals that as you become a free member and join their newsletter, your will receive weekly deals that are out of this world. Some weekly saving could reduce or give free shipping, promote percentages off (I have seen up to 70% off), give away bonus gifts, etc… And these rebates are only given for online shopping. You will not see these in the physical stores so join one today!
  5. Shop with purpose. Of course we want the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) when shopping, but what if you could also give back as you shop! Many stores support causes which help the world. From the fight against cancer to the environment! So investigate the stores you shop at and find out what they support (if any)…this way you can feel good shopping knowing your money goes towards something other then yourself. Another way to shop with purpose is to look for an online mall that provides a chance to give back to charities as you purchase. There are a few good ones out there…so look for them! And some even provide loyalty points and other fun incentives! All benefit…it helps you the shopper and the world by giving! Search for them today!
  6. Set your budget. Many times we tend to go shopping without a budget in mind. Two things can happen with this…you under-spend (very rarely) or over-spend (most likely)! This can cause unnecessary stress in your life. So before heading out, make a budget on the amount that you can and are willing to spend. Stick to it and never go over no matter what. Even if the deal of a century is right in front of your eyes, stick to the budget, there is always a deal of a century around!

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