Online Shopping Mall – Why Shop at an Online Shopping Mall?

Perhaps one of the driving forces to shop a particular online shopping mall would be if they gave cash back. One of the advantages of being given a coupon book at a conventional mall to being offered rebates at an online mall.

When given a coupon book for rebates to a conventional mall you would typically take the time to thumb through it. Assuming you go to a mall to shop for a few hours more or less, going through the book would require time to see if the stores you are interested in have a coupons and then comparing who has the best offering for the coupon or rebate. This would take away valuable time from your shopping trip.

Once you decide a certain store should have what you want and has a favorable rebate you then go to this store. If they have indeed, have what you want you precede with your purchase and all is well. But, what happens if they don’t. The store may propose ordering it online or going to another mall. Then we have a delimit, do we go to another mall, who may not offer coupons books, or do we order it online. Imagine the frustration this would bring, plus your whole attitude toward shopping that day probably would change.

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