Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

It can be quite hard for anyone to be open about their choices in life or medical conditions. If you live your life in the spotlight though it is even harder. Your career may be negatively impacted and the publicity is very hard to deal with. Mental disorders are something many people try to hide because they are embarrassed by them. Bipolar disorder is one such mental illness that doesn’t discriminate – it simply doesn’t care if you are famous or not.

Those celebrities who have come forward to discuss their struggle with bipolar disorder are the minority. They are using their own struggles to get awareness for the mental illness. They often work to raise money for research in the area as well. One of the most famous people who have come forward about their bipolar disorder is Virginia Woolf, a well known writer.

In various interviews she has shared how bipolar episodes have led to different periods of creativity for her. She explains it as her brains being a show of fireworks going off in her head. Unfortunately though Woolf committed suicide at the age of 59 while suffering from a depression episode related to her bipolar disorder.

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