a marketer to quickly grasp

This allows a marketer to quickly grasp the subtle changes that take place that change the entire dynamic of a market. This is what social media did for Sloan, and it is what social media does for a contemporary marketer.

Today, this is done through Facebook and Twitter. A marketer engages with customers through the “comment” section. Social media platforms have great scale. Contemporary marketers are able to engage with a great many customers in a short time. Facebook has 1/3 of the world at its platform.

Naturally, Sloan didn’t have this scale, but he did talk to enough people to understand some trends that would allow him to create a brand that would offset the Model T. The American society was changing. It now had a middle-class with disposable income. America had a leisure class. The car was no longer just a means of transportation. People were at different stages of their life and they wanted a car to communicate that.

Sloan understood the importance of segmenting his market. Sloan created a brand for every pocketbook. Early in your life and your career, you originally would purchase a Chevrolet. As your career progresses, you graduated to Pontiac and Buicks. When you become successful you purchase the Cadillac.

Sloan was able to grasp this subtle change through his use of his personal media. Henry Ford didn’t grasp how society was changing and this is why GM was able to quickly create its own brand that quickly overtook the Ford Model T in the 1920’s.

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