The era is for online shopping

The era is for online shopping
Pencils, erasers, sketch pens and the more are not just simple stationery items. They are the building blocks which shall augment the child’s learning at home as well as in school. As parents and teachers, we solemnly need to
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understand the stationery needs of the kids. We need to know that they have to have just right quality and the amount of stationery items so that they do not struggle in absence of them. Important here is to mention that stationery items is not something to flare off and show it to the peers out there. Excessive of anything is bad and we need to quantify the limits to availability or exposure of kids to such items. The basic school study material should act as a support material and not a thing of beauty. We also need to understand the recent and new items available in the market which can work a one in place of two of them. Say, for example, a child is in need of a pencil and often writes with immense pressure on the page and as a result of this, the pencil lead breaks a number of times. You, as parents, have to play in the role. Get him/her a pop-a-point or mechanical pencils lead pencil. It’ s indeed a simple thing but to understand it, goes a whole lot of observance owing to child actions and reactions to a product.

10 common and elementary stationery items that every child at the early school stage should have are:

Pencils and pens
Notebooks( apart from the school related)
Colors(Oil Pastels/Wax Crayons/Pencil Colors)
Poster colors
Coloring and activity books
Ruler(More commonly called a scale)
Files and Folders
Pouch/Pencil Box
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Apart from the basic items mentioned above, get your kids home stationery supplies such as a small diary, coloring books, soft board, pen/pencil holder, number game boards, image charts with fruit names, animal names etc. small board with chalk for hands on experience.
Check the supply and availability of such items with the kids. They should neither be too much in number nor too less.
Tell the child how and when to put to use the stationery item supplies.
Keep things that may cause any possible harm to a child away from him/her in your possession. Such items could be pins, stapler, paper clips etc.
Try to make them understand that the items purchased are for making their e=learning easy and should be taken care of, used judiciously and not wasted.
The era is for online shopping and the e-retail makes you choose amongst the latest supplies for your child. Stationery is basic to your child’s learning and should be stocked as and when required.

You do not need to look up to traditional market for pens and papers now. Here is a list of some awesome websites offering stationery products for kids at a great price and discount.

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