The MobiGo Learning toy will teach your kids important tying skills that will be very useful later on in life.


More and more you will notice that technology is being integrated into kids’ toys. Technology is a big part of adult daily life, and part of a toy’s purpose is to educate, as well as entertain; so it makes sense that technology is becoming more popular in toys.

IT skills in particular are going to be very important to your child as they go through school and enter adulthood. It’s wise to invest in toys that will help teach your little one some basic IT skills.

The MobiGo Learning System

The MobiGo Touch Learning toy is the perfect toy to give your child. This clever mini-computer is ideal for helping your little one to become familiar with technology. Children aged from three to seven years old will love the brightly coloured MobiGo Learning System.

The MobiGo Touch Learning System is a durable handheld device that you can trust to not break on the first bump or bounce. The MobiGo Learning System stands up strongly against mainstream devices like the Nintendo DS; and if your child has been nagging for this computer, then the MobiGo Touch Learning System will make a more cost effective alternative. educational toys

Children can choose from a wide range of colours when choosing their MobiGo Learning System. When they start playing with the device, children will find that they can set their own preferences, allowing them to personalize and individualize their little computer. The MobiGo Touch Learning System is the perfect copycat mini-computer that will entertain and educate your child for many years.

Modern Features for the Tech Savvy Child

Touchscreen technology has been very popular and successful with adults; so imagine your child’s face when they realize that their MobiGo Learning toy also utilizes this incredibly savvy and wonderfully simple technology!

Another feature and advantage that the MobiGo Touch System has over similar computers is the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard. This keyboard layout will help children become familiar with the standardized computer keyboard layout. The MobiGo Learning toy will teach your kids important tying skills that will be very useful later on in life.

Children can also connect to the internet using the MobiGo Touch System. When they do, they can download new games to their device. This allows children to safely access the internet, and allowing them to become familiar with the concepts that the internet offers. The tech savvy features of the MobiGo Learning toy make it the ideal toy to purchase to help your child develop important IT skills.

The MobiGo Touch Learning System Games

As well as being educational, the MobiGo System is designed to be entertaining for your child. The device has an opening that allows children to insert gaming cartridges. The MobiGo Touch Learning toy has a number of games that include characters children are already familiar with, including Dora the Explorer, Disney Princesses and Shrek characters.

Both the games and the MobiGo Learning console are fantastic value for money, especially when compared to the rather expensive Nintendo DS console.
here are many dragon toys to choose from, below are 3 unique toys that kids will love. Sometimes it can be hard to keep a child’s interest, or to have children of various age ranges to play together; some of these toys can solve this problem in a pinch.

1. Fire Dragon Puzzle: Any fan of dragons will love doing an amazing 3D puzzle of a fire dragon. The Ravensburger Fire Dragon puzzle is one of the best out there and is made in Germany with the highest quality material. Doing puzzles can build strong motor skills, picture recognition and help children to see the benefits of completing a task. It can be used to encourage independent play as well as incorporating how much fun it can be to share. This puzzle is made with great detail and the images on the outside depict classic scenes of castles, soldiers and other dragons.

2. Plush Animals: Stuffed animals never go out of style; kids will love them until the end of time. Dragon plush animals are a great gift and can help encourage many hours of adventure tales. Instead of buying action figurines of smaller dragons, a plush dragon has a lot more character and personality. You can choose from a large variety of colors, size and material and find something that really suits each individual child.

3. Dragon World Fortress: This toy created by Fisher-Price goes above and beyond a typical dragon toy. It is great for a large age range and is suitable for children between 36 months and 5 years; so if you have a divide between ages this is a toy that can work for all of your kids. The castle has cool sound effects and some hidden secrets to discover. It comes with three figures that can activate the various action points found within the castle. This toy is very interactive and has many moving parts that are great for driving their imagination. Be aware that it has many small pieces and is not suitable for younger children.

This article discussed dragon toys and 3 unique toys that your kids will love. A 3D fire dragon puzzle is both challenging and fun and will really give your child a sense of accomplishment when they complete it. A plush dragon can be a great gift and will give your child a lifelong friend and if you are looking for the perfect toy that all of your children will enjoy playing with together, try the Dragon World Fortress by Fisher-Price.

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