Rubber Flooring or Rubber Matting

Appliances: Professional appliances, such as restaurant-grade stoves and hoods, can quickly become the crown jewel of your home. You can create a statement with your appliances in other ways that do not require the same financial investment, however. A well-designed kitchen can make any new appliance shine.

Countertops: Stone countertops, including granite, are the most popular option for new kitchen counters. These countertops come at a premium, however. Low-cost countertop alternatives include laminate countertops or counters made of ceramic tile.

Flooring: Premium kitchens have beautifully handcrafted wood floors, stone floors or specialty tiling. Turn to vinyl for a more affordable flooring alternative.

Backsplash: Custom mosaic ceramic backsplashes add so much personality to a kitchen. They are also one of those high-end kitchen remodeling projects that can quickly increase your budget. To avoid the larger prices tags, opt for pre-made options at your local hardware store, or lower your costs even greater by going with vinyl instead.

Additional touches: If you’re looking for a more upscale kitchen remodel, consider additional personal touches and high-end finishes. Examples of this include upgrading an island, choosing a bronze kitchen sink, adding in crown molding, or finishing your cabinets with specialty hardware.

Rubber Flooring or Rubber Matting is a new requirement for your flooring to prevent your family members, or guests from critical falls. Sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances, we tend to be in a hurry and might fall without being careful. To evade such accidents, this anti-slip flooring becomes a best option to the ordinary concrete flooring.

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