Just Launched – Join Now! Why You Shouldn’t

One of the big “selling” calls on the internet for MLM (Multilevel Marketing), Network Marketing and w Matrix programs is, “just launched join now” or some variation of it. Following the theory that the earlier you are in the greater your chances of success and of course the greater your profits will be.

That alone should be a warning! If you have to be in early to make profits then the program is going to disappoint many people who join late. Assuming it is one of those programs that require a downline to be built then eventually the problem will creep back up. As the last recruits find they are not earning they will eventually drop out. This will have an adverse effect on the income of those just above them and now we have a new list of low or non-earners, who will in their turn, eventually drop out https://www.launchrecruitment.com.au/.

What is early? That, of course, depends on the program and

how many levels they pay to. It is an unfortunate fact that what seems to be early is often still not early enough. In just a two wide matrix total membership virtually doubles every time the next level is full and so growth accelerates rapidly. The growth rate is even faster for a wider matrix.

As every layer is added there are more and more people promoting the opportunity while the numbers needed to fill the next level is expanding rapidly. At the same time the pool of likely recruits is diminishing and those who have already declined is growing.

This, however, is only one of the problems that we need to be aware of. Another, and more important one, is the fact that a newly launched business is unproven. At the time of writing this article I checked my bookmarks and linked to various sites that I had saved for future reference. They were all promoted as business opportunities at the time that I book marked them. Of 100 sites visited over 28 no longer existed and those bookmarks were no more than three years old.

Most statistics gathered on new businesses indicate that 80% or more fail within 5 years of commencement. How can you be sure it is not a case of get in now and out within two years because that is the total life of the business?

So how do we decide which the right one is and which is the wrong one?

Go back to business basics. Do they have the right basics in place. If they are all there then at least the chances of success are greatly improved. Do your due diligence of course, do not even consider joining any program without first doing due diligence.

Do not get carried away by the promises of great returns for the early members. Apply some business basic thinking to the whole program and see if it really does work in the longer term. Think about what you want. Is it a quick profit then the need to go looking for a new program? Or would you rather have an ongoing long term income?

Ken Briggs

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Ken Briggs is a qualified accountant with many years experience in business and over 12 years experience in online businesses. His book “Business Basics for the Internet” was written to assist people in applying business basics to online business opportunities and from the knowledge gained be able to identify the programs that are doomed to fail for most and those that have a high probability of success for participants.

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