Road Traffic Act, 1961

(a) an authorized coverage of insurance whereby the person or a  home insurance quote   few other character who could be liable for injury due to the negligent use of the automobile at that time with the aid of the consumer, is insured in opposition to all sums without restrict (keep as is hereinafter otherwise provided) which the consumer or his personal representative or such different man or woman or his non-public consultant shall come to be at risk of pay to any man or woman (one-of-a-kind of the excepted folks) through manner of damages or charges as a result of injury to individual or property caused by the negligent use of the vehicle at that point by means of the person, or

(b) an permitted assure wherein there is guaranteed the payment through the person, or a few other person who would be responsible for injury caused by the negligent use of the vehicle at that point by using the user, of all sums with out restriction (store as is hereinafter in any other case furnished) which the consumer or his private representative or such different man or woman or his non-public representative shall end up at risk of pay to any individual (exceptional of the excepted men and women) via manner of damages or expenses on account of harm to individual or assets as a result of the negligent use of the car at that time by the person.

(2) The insurance or guarantee required via this segment may be difficulty to the following dilemma and the subsequent exception or either of them:

(a) it may, in thus far as it relates to harm to property, be restrained to the sum of 1 thousand kilos in appreciate of harm because of anyone act of negligence or anybody series of acts of negligence together constituting one event,

(b) there can be excepted from the liability included thereby any liability (in excess of the not unusual law or the statutory legal responsibility relevant to the case) undertaken by the insured or the foremost debtor by unique contract.

(three) Where someone contravenes subsection (1) of this phase, he and, if he isn’t the proprietor of the vehicle, such owner shall every be responsible of an offence and will be responsible on precis conviction to a first-class no longer exceeding 100 pounds or, on the discretion of the court, to imprisonment for any term now not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

(4) Where, in a prosecution for an offence beneath this segment, it is shown that, a call for having been made beneath phase sixty nine of this Act,—

(a) the individual on whom the demand became made refused or did not produce a certificates of insurance, certificates of assure or certificate of exemption then and there, or

(b) such character, having duly produced such certificate consequent upon the demand, refused or did not allow the member of the Garda Síochána to whom such certificates become produced to study and examine it,

it shall be presumed, until the contrary is shown via the defendant, that the car became being used in contravention of this section.

(five) Where a person charged with an offence underneath this segment is the owner of the vehicle, it will be a good defence to the price for the man or woman to show that the car turned into getting used with out his consent and both that he had taken all affordable precautions to save you its getting used or that it became being utilized by his servant appearing in contravention of his orders.

(6) Where a person charged with an offence below this phase was the servant of the owner of the car, it shall be an awesome defence to the fee for the character to show that he changed into using the vehicle in obedience to the specific orders of the owner.

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