Food safety and microbiology

Consulting inside microbiological meals protection, cleansing of manufacturing centers, validation of cleaning approaches and hygienic design.

Just one out of manage factor in your production system may also have serious results for the health and safety of the patron, or for his or her revel in of the great of your product.

This might also in turn bring about bad press, prison claims and intensified inspections from the authorities. Thus, food safety have to be taken into consideration 먹튀검증 in all operations and approaches in meals production.
Own control with threat evaluation can make sure food safety
Risk evaluation is an crucial a part of personal control, and a efficaciously completed danger assessment ensures that pitfalls in the manufacturing were idea via, in order that your very own manage works optimally and as meant.

FORCE Technology holds specialised knowledge on meals microbiology, along with detection and managing of pathogenic bacteria and of biofilm.

Furthermore, we provide consultancy on preference of substances, hygienic design of system, cleansing tactics, inclusive of disinfection and sterilization strategies, and on HACCP and control systems for meals protection. We integrate our information on those topics to optimize our advice concerning food protection, and first-class, on your food production.

We consult on:
Microbiological challenges in meals production
Handling thermophilic and thermo resistant germs within the dairy industry (a key location of know-how)
Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization approaches
Assessment of the outcomes microbiological analysis
Choice of substances for production equipment, based at the conditions throughout processing and cleaning
Assessment of carried out hygienic design in existing production facilities and in connection with new designs
Documentation of meals touch materials in system and packaging
Design of production facilities
Quality control in business laboratories
Own control, pleasant and food protection management systems (ISO 22000, BRC and IFS).
Microbiological manipulate and evaluation
In food production it’s far often important to test the microbiological fame of the production system, the raw substances, and the finished product, in order to document that the criminal limits are determined.

We provide to carry out sampling and microbiological evaluation of the completed product, and of your manufacturing system, so you can reveal the presence of any microorganisms which could gift a safety or high-quality trouble. We additionally offer sampling gadget and next evaluation, of samples which you accumulate yourself.

Adjusted evaluation strategies
In sure cases the typically applied exams strategies for microbiological analysis aren’t ok for detecting confused microorganisms – which includes the microorganisms from biofilm, that are a common supply of ordinary microbiological infection. In our laboratory we take the time needed to modify our techniques so that the detection of pressured microorganisms is appreciably progressed.

When managing best associated issues it’s far often of brilliant benefit as a way to determine the numbers and variety of microorganisms, so that it will determine the basis reason of the nice trouble, and to assess viable answers.

Solutions to challenges on meals protection
FORCE Technology has a few years of revel in in advising the meals enterprise. We have our personal laboratories and a huge base of enjoy with management systems in the meals enterprise.

The combination of vast professional understanding and specialist knowledge makes us an powerful companion to businesses that are seeking for answers to problems concerning food protection, meals best and meals touch materials.

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