9. Love Loves Coincidences (Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever)


This is a stunning story of adoration and life. The 2 fundamental characters happen to associate and met each other during their life, since they were little until they are grown-ups. Super romantic tale and dramatization.


8. Celal ile Ceren

Super parody with the primary character which is an acclaimed fellow in Turkey who had on the movies 4 influence satire, “Recep” motion pictures. The story is about a couple who is experiencing a separations and make ups. The films is a full chuckling and I was unable to quit grinning مسلسلات تركية قصة عشق and for that this film is probably the best parody in Turkey. You can watch his film with your sweetheart/beau, you will chuckle together like there’s no tomorrow.


7. Spouse factor

Such an extraordinary satire and sentimental minutes toss out. A young lady is forced by her family to get hitched soon on the grounds that time is ticking and we as a whole comprehend what that implies. She finds a new line of work as a secretary and essentially succumbs to her chief and the other way around. I adored this film, was extraordinary!

. Romantik Komedi 1 and 2 ( Romantic Comedy )

The name of the film yes is rom-com and it has 2 sections, is essentially a gathering of young ladies and young men who are going to get hitched and they have their unhitched female and fun stuff toss out. I adored this film and I trust they will make a third part in the long run. Is an unquestionable requirement!

Insane film, I never chuckled such a great amount in my life to the entirety of the 4 sections. There is this hefty person who is a finished washout and each part he has an excursion or his doing some insane things. Initial segment his making a trip to Antalya in an excursion such a significant number of experiences and extraordinary snicker until the end. Second part I surmise his regarding his grandma last wishes so as to get a family, an occupation and become a decent individual. In the third part he is managing his niece on a genuine of experiences as he works now in a promoting organization. In last part he enters the well known rivalry “Survivor Turkey” and this one was the best, I was so snickering goodness my God! Worth all my cash for this 4 motion pictures.

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